Exodus on Kodi NEW Without Tvaddons



How to Install Exodus on Kodi.

Exodus on Kodi 

Recently a few friends have had problems with a certain Kodi add on and the normal installation methods are no longer working. I do not know a whole lot about kodi however I was able to come up with a work around.
I took the add on that I had recently installed on my phone, found the dependencies it needed, and packaged them up. 

None of the packages have been modified in any way whatsoever. I had them installed on one of my phones, I packaged them up, they are completely unmodified.

All you have to do is Add my Source, Install 5 Files in specific order, watch movies!

To install The add on without the tvaddons repository you can goto Settings -> File Manager -> Add Source.

For the source type in : https://ryangralinski.com/exodus and it will name it exodus by default but you can rename it if you wish.

After you added the source in file manager, back out and goto Add ons. Click Install From Zip File -> Select The source you just created

You will see 5 files you need to install in order. They are:

1.) script.exodus.metadata.zip (or 1.zip)

2.) script.exodus.artwork.zip (or 2.zip)

3.) repository.exodus.zip (or 3.zip)

4.) script.module.urlresolver.zip (or 4.zip)

5.) plugin.video.exodus.zip (or 5.zip)

Install those 5 files one at a time in order, and wait a few minutes between each one until you see the confirmation dialog showing it was installed. The second, fourth, and fifth one can take a few minutes to install just be patient and don’t proceed to the next file until you see the confirmation that the previous one has been installed.


It is very easy to do, however if you cannot figure it out you may contact me or watch the video below detailing the entire process. Most of the time if it isn’t working properly, you spelled my name wrong defining the source 🙂 Make sure you spell it right! Download files

If this works for you like the video on youtube and share 🙂



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