Delphi VCI Clone – Activation + Solution

Delphi VCI

How to install and setup your Delphi VCI Clone

If you bought one of these Chinese ‘Delphi’ VCI scanners and have trouble getting it setup or installed then keep reading. I will Show you what the instructions do not and help solve some issues with the install. 


First thing you need to know is you cannot install it from the cd. Or like I tried to do and copy the contents of the cd to an ISO file which I then later mounted in a virtual machine and blah blah blah.

That wont work. It drove me kinda crazy trying on 3 different computers just could not get it to install. I thought It really was too good to be true and actually work.

You have to actually copy the contents of the CD (the Cars, and Trucks) software folders to the hard drive. (Or a flash drive / other Read/Write Device) Thats what was causing me so many issues which the instructions did not mention. Trying to run directly off the cd at least on a modern windows 10 machine wont work. 

After I got that sorted it was pretty straight forward.

Disable Internet.

 Go to the cars folder and run main.exe as administrator.Just follow through and when it fails activation click save and save the file somewhere. 

With the installer still open, launch the keygen. Activate the file that you just saved and close keygen. 

Back in cars (or trucks) installer click activate again and this time select open and chose the same file you just saved and then activated.  

And thats all. If you did it right it will configure and launch the software.



If you plug it into your computer using a usb  cable that is really easy it picks it up right away and no problems. For bluetooth , you do not need to pair it with windows. When I tried to pair it in windows no matter what i entered for a PIN Number did not work. But if you open the cars (or trucks) software and search for devices it will show your device. Click on test and it should work. Now if you go to the windows bluetooth devices it will show that it is paired with your VCI. 

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