Adding Multiple S-Note Shortcuts to Home Screen on Android


If you use S-Note and ever tried to add home screen shortcuts to your notes you might have noticed this bug.  If you add a note to your home screen named  Shopping for example it will work fine but when you try to add a second shortcut to a different note you’ll likely encounter an error. It will say Shortcut already exists for S-Note even though the note has a different name.  I’ve used tons of different apps that use multiple home screen shortcuts with no problem I’m surprised they have not fixed this yet because I’ve seen it on multiple devices and  many various s-note versions and android versions. The only way I’ve found to get around this is to add your first one to the home screen and then move it into the dock. Then add your second note to the home screen and bring the first one out of the dock.

If you want more then two you would move the first two into the dock and then create a  shortcut to the home screen and move the first two out of the dock.


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