When the Rhode Island State Police Threaten you by mail.

State Police Evidence

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Part of the systematic bullying and harassment by the wonderful firemen at the Central Coventry Fire Department, and the Rhode Island State Police. You gotta read these emails to see what we have been dealing with. 

We never had ANY enemies before these firefighters started taking on my dad. Certainly not anyone that would threaten to kill us, burn our house down, or put out hits on us. Someone who also has ties to the state police. It has nothing to do with calling them terrorists. This has been going on for years.  

I lived a very very very quiet life before they started harassing me.  I didn’t bother anyone. They are liars and criminals. Lying about how I called firemen terrorists. I didn’t. I called them terrorists.  Dave Gorman, Matthew Medeiros, Ted Dion and the other scumbags involved in this systematic harassment of my family.  It’s like the mob. The IAFF firefighters, their police friends. Sending us letters from the Rhode Island State Police just to intimidate us. I’ve been through SOOOO much, they are not going to intimidate me. I’m prepared to die already. Gorman is such a baby he cried to his mommy in court over money. Even with their giant hate campaign and fake media coverage the only thing they accomplished is getting Dave Gorman out of there. He had to resign in disgrace before he got fired. Stepping down as the union president. He wastes the police time by saying I “hacked” his website. He doesn’t pay his bills, He doesn’t pay his taxes, and I BOUGHT his website for one dollar. I know my dad thought about stepping down but I’m glad he didn’t. I told him not to. F*C# Those Punks!  They don’t care about anything but money.

The stuff I deal with on a daily basis is hard enough. I didn’t ask for any of this. These low life dirt bags declared war on my family. I don’t have thousands of union thugs to send my message to so I’ll do whatever little I can to expose them because we definitely aren’t the people you gotta worry about. Its the Dave Gorman’s of the world you gotta watch out for.  I got harassed by people from all over the country who don’t even remotely understand the situation. Sending me messages telling me to burn in hell, die from AIDS, Kill myself, implying firemen are gonna stand outside my house and watch it burn with me inside.. etc. etc. because I guess since they are firemen they can do no wrong. When this all started I made a Video Reply I was still pretty sick in that video but I’m doing better now than I have in a decade. I have gotten so much support from people. If you really got something to say to me say it in the comments, use your real name, don’t be a bitch. I don’t censor comments like other people who post shit about me. 

Professional firemen threatening fire to peoples houses is unacceptable in any way you look at it. Then sending us the letters in envelopes from the Rhode Island State Police is just to intimidate us so we know the cops aren’t gonna do shit. And what a surprise they didn’t…. If your gonna let your personal feelings get in the way of your job your weak and you should step down anyways.    This was going on for a long time. Long before most of the public knew about it or before I finally said something. Regardless of who personally sent them These are the guys who incited it all and clearly have close ties to the Rhode Island State Police. Nobody else ever threatened us or had issues with my father or me ever.  

I can tell you this. There isn’t one person in the entire world who would not be upset if their family was attacked and harassed like this. 

State Police Evidence
State Police Evidence

My dad is a great man. He has done a wonderful job with what he was dealt. He always taught me to do the right thing, work hard, and don’t give up. We were taught to respect people and be good to each other. We weren’t raised to hate the flag, or hate cops, or the country or to hate ANYONE. Half my family is military and police and I have lots of firefighter friends. I have an enormous amount of respect for people who put their lives on the line. I have zero respect for guys like this who hide behind their profession acting like heroes when they are really just crooks. Dragging someones wife and kids into your politics/job is disgraceful. 

Slug Fireman Dave Gorman, with his tranny looking wife
Dave Gorman
Matthew Medeiros IAFF Thug
Matthew Medeiros
Ted Dion Iaff Thug
Ted Dion (right)

Dave Gorman personally went into my mothers work and requested her personnel file. He was denied them and told to stop bullying people. Then there was a mysterious break in at the fire department where my dad’s personnel file was taken along with other board members. Geee I wonder who had access to the FIRE station long enough to break into a file cabinet and not be seen….. .It’s obviously the firemen. Nobody else would have any incentive whatsoever to steal the board members personal files. Dave Gorman Posts pictures of the board member houses just to incite violence. They have posted my Address and phone number and pictures all over the place hoping someone else will do their dirty work. but shocker shocker nobody has ever said a THING to my face.  Gorman is just a bully. A sorry ass one at that. The dude owes 20k in taxes but bullies people he feels Un-American.Threatening people’s families and harassing them when you are actually paid to protect them from the very thing your threatening. 

This piece of human waste, Dave Gorman actually has the balls to post things like this when he REFUSES to pay taxes and has basically waged war against someones family. Not the other way around. 


Pictures that Gorman tweeted of one of the other board member’s summer house. Why would he post that? What possible reason would he have to post that? Just one….The same reason they posted my information everywhere. To intimidate and bully people. These guys CLEARLY have far too much free time on their hands.


This is a Letter mailed to my dad from the Rhode Island State Police. 

It was sent using the name Wade Garrett along with everything else just showing that it’s all the same person. It would be very easy for them to find out who sent these.  They put on the horse and pony show, fingerprinted the envelope and letter but couldn’t find anything supposedly. All they really need to do is contact google and find out who this “Wade Garret” is but instead they just sweep it under the rug to protect their boyz. 

Envelope from RI State police threatening my family


Threats from the Rhode Island State Police

And The following are a sample of the emails received from “Wade Garrett” just to straight up harass and bully us. Harassing my dad and bringing my brother into it who has his own struggles and has nothing to do with these guys whatsoever. This was Years before my brother or I ever said anything about this. They have clearly spent a whole lot of time stalking my family, (Most likely on the taxpayers time) but it goes both ways and if anything ever happens to my family or my dad they better crawl into the hole they came out of.


These are serious threats, and I cannot believe the state police would allow an elected official to be harassed like this. Especially since they came in a Rhode Island State Police Envelope. They should want to know which one of their officers is involved in this. But that would make them look bad they don’t want that. It would be SOOOOOO easy to find out who sent these. They would rather just protect their own than to protect the public. What a joke. 


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