The Firefighter Drama Explained

Firefighters Slacking Off Watching a House Burn Down

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The Firefighter Drama Explained.

Until firemen start telling you and your family, they are going to burn your houses down while they stand outside and watch, you wouldn’t ever think of them as terrorists. Well they’ve done a lot more than that and I’ll explain a bit.

A lot of people ask me about this. I appreciate the ones who take the time to ask before condemning me to death over things they don’t understand.

The dick sucker dave gorman

This guy right here, Dave Gorman is the ex union president and former fireman at the Central Coventry Fire Department

My father is the elected President of the Central Coventry Fire Department. 

None of that had anything to do with me and I didn’t even know his job title before this. I don’t know exactly the details about why this handful of rogue firefighters hated my dad so much. However  I do know that it had something to do with money. My dad was elected to clean that place up because they were blowing money.  A judge even ordered them to return a firetruck.  R.I. judge orders Coventry fire district to send back fire truck

I was really kinda sick at the time and going through a lot I never got involved. I just watched them harass my family to no end. Both my parents have had their cars damaged. They tried to get my mom fired from her job as if she has anything to do with their beef. These guys have used their connections and mailed us things in envelopes from the Rhode Island State Police just in order to intimidate us more. They get prank phone calls day and night, and text messages, and emails and whatever else they could do disrupt us.

Bong plate

DMV letter

I’ve had this License plate for about 11 or 12 years something like that. I got it to match the website I used to own BONG.NET and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with bongs or weed or anything else. It was a social media site I had made. I’ve gotten a million comments about my plate and I’ve had it for so long, if your “Offended” by this, you got problems.

He was looking so deep for any possible thing he could do to mess with my dad’s family, and this is what he comes up with. He uses his connections at the DMV to get my license plate suspended. I’ve had it for over a decade and nobody has ever been offended by this but that’t how low he would go to just mess with my family.

When we called the number on the form and contacted the person listed on there, she didn’t even know about it and said she didn’t see a problem with it. After a few more phone calls well I still have my plate. Even if they do take it, its a freaking license plate that’s all you got dude really? Sitting around all day thinking ‘what can I possibly do to mess with these people’ …. WOW!

I volunteer at certain places and AIDS organizations, and they contacted at least one of them and told them I Shouldn’t be around kids. That only implies one thing really and that’s just low. Now they are terrorizing the kids that I help by trying to rob them of that chance. 

I get messages like these: 

And a lot more. 

After years of harassment I reply to one of their videos they made about my dad and said “The firemen are terrorist” and it was a reply to their video. I should have worded it differently but didn’t expect them at all to start twisting it around making people believe that I just hate all firefighters. Which is just ridiculous and not what I meant. They know that though, they just wanted to do anything they could to make me look bad . Harassing a guy for having aids and having a license plate you don’t like. That’s all they had though.

They did everything they could for years to bully my dad into leaving, and in the end, Dave Gorman the union president who started all this is the one who had to resign in disgrace and give up his job as the union president. 

My brother is a different story, I am not him, and I was probably more upset with him than all the firefighters and military people out there, but if you take anything he says seriously anyways, your an idiot. He doesn’t speak for anyone . Definitely not me or my dad.

Now them and their bully friends put up multiple web pages about me trying to make me out as some Un-American piece of trash who just for some reason hates all firefighters. 

HIV infested faggot & father rage against “terrorist” R.I. FD

Gralinski Family Supports Calling Firefighters Terrorists and Removing Flags From Apparatus patch will censor any comments that don’t agree with them

Coventry Fire District Head Calls Firefighters Terrorists For Having American Flag On Truck And His Sons Are Real Winners Too


They messed with a guys family. Tried to bully my dad by going after his wife and kids over some money and a firetruck. My dads still there. Gorman is Gone! Hes not gonna bully any of us. 


 My Video Reply I made a while ago


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